demandforce reviews

Steve Johnson, DDS says:

"I trained under Dr. Paredes at the East Carolina University residency. Dr. Paredes is one of the most gifted clinicians and educators I have ever met. I was always amazed at how much he knew about every question we would throw at him and he was still always reading and learning more. I am very appreciative for all he did for my career and I am a better dentist and health care provider because of him." 

David Newby says:

"As a patient of Dr. Paredes, I found him to be skillful, professional, and thorough in his services. For both the extractions and implants which he performed, the procedures were clearly explained, and the options were discussed thoroughly. I considered him to be very knowledgeable about his profession, and felt very confident in his skills as a dentist. I highly and confidently recommend Dr. Paredes to others in need of his services."

Derek Blank, DDS says:

"Dr. Paredes' passion for the practice of dentistry is clear from the first day you meet him. What truly set him apart as a positive mentor figure to me, however, is his honesty, trustworthiness and compassion for the needs of his patients. He has the unique ability to shape treatment specifically to each patient and ensure that the best possible dental care is delivered in a caring, supportive environment. It is for these reasons that I would trust him to care for the dental needs of my family and friends."

Dr. Carolyn Ledford says:

"I first met Dr. Paredes as a patient with a very serious dental condition that required hospitalization with a team approach of a physician and a dentist. He was professional, knowledgeable, positive, and caring. My husband and I were so impressed with his care and efficiency that we requested he be our dentist. It is our loss and your gain that he has opened a practice in your community."